Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Lord Will Provide

I've been working at my new job now for a little over a month and I have two weeks of teaching behind me. It's a new experience and a little stressful, but I think I'm going to enjoy it once I get used to it.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that, although the new job has a better pay rate, I'm actually taking a slight cut in earnings because it's not a full-time job. That didn't bother me a lot, but loosing the medical benefits did concern me to some extent. My wife's retirement package includes medical insurance that she was carrying as an individual policy. We recently discovered that changing it to a family policy is going to effectively cut her monthly retirement check in half. That concerned me a LOT.

Add to this the fact that the work she was doing last year for the school wasn't renewed this year. So, as of last week, she didn't have any solid prospects for a steady supplemental income in view. I was starting to sweat over how to keep up payments on the various bills we have when her check gets cut in half on September 1.

Then she got a phone call from the school a couple of days ago. God blessed their 8th grade Language Arts teacher with a pregnancy and she is due soon after school starts. My wife has signed on for 9 weeks of full-time work. So, praise the Lord, we are off the hook for a little while longer.

I'm starting to think that God is patiently trying to prove to me that he can provide for my family and that I should stop worrying so much about money. I'm a stubborn one though, I still have some lingering doubts about what we're going to do after my wife's 9 week assignment runs out.

Thank you, Lord, for bailing us out again. Help me to trust you more fully.