Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wait and See

I just got back from still another visit to Dr. Whoosh, this time to evaluate a CT scan I had done a few days ago. The news wasn't as good as I had hoped, but not terrible. The masses in my lungs have grown a fraction which, I am told, is not unusual for this type of cancer. Not enough growth to be extremely worried, but a concern none the less. I'm scheduled for another scan in 6 weeks just to see if new growth is really happening and how fast. They also increased the dosage on the cancer medication. The last time I was at the new dosage I had some blood pressure problems, but my other medications have been adjusted since we'll just have to see if the BP problem returns.

The doctor has moved a couple of miles away from his original location due to a need for more office space. It's a more shabby building and has a severe lack of parking. I had to park and walk about three times further than I'm able, so I had to stop and rest a couple of times. Also, the only parking I could find was metered. I wasn't expecting parking meters so I had to send my wife back with five bucks worth of quarters to feed the monster. After leaving I drove around to evaluate the parking situation a little better and discovered valet parking on the other side of the building. Sigh.

Otherwise things seem to be going well. I'm feeling good, spring has finally arrived, the sun is shining, and the wife is itching to get outside and work in the garden.

Friday, April 10, 2015


I needed something from Wallyworld. Not just one something, several somethings. Well, actually, a lot of somethings. In fact, I needed more somethings than the local store ever stocks. So I ordered the somethings online. Over fifty dollars and delivery is free. I don't have to get out in the rain, drive there and back, carry the somethings out to my car, etc. You get the picture, the somethings just magically appear in a box on my doorstep. Which is nice.

I order the somethings online and, surprise, there's an order limit. You can't order more than a dozen somethings, and I need sixteen. But the problem has an easy solution, just make two orders. Order twelve in the morning and another four in the afternoon. To keep the second order over the fifty dollar limit and get free delivery, I added a couple of other little somethings I use on a regular basis. Common somethings that just about any warehouse would probably stock.

Both orders shipped the next day via the same carrier, Fedup. The big order is coming from a warehouse 467 miles away and is scheduled to be delivered today, two days later. The smaller order shipped from a warehouse only 243 miles away and Fedup estimates it will take a week to get here.

I'm not really complaining...I just don't understand the logistics.

Friday, April 03, 2015


One last post about my windshield wiper problem. They're finally fixed. Before I took the car in this time, I did some more research online and found a service bulletin about how to fix the problem. I also printed out a screenshot from a video showing the defective part. Taking this info with me, I gave it to the service manager who was a bit skeptic about it. Twenty minutes later he was telling me that my info was correct and the wipers were working correctly.

Windshield wipers and I just don't seem to get along. I think I've mentioned before that I have wiper problems with my old 1988 Chevy pickup. The wipers on it work fine as long as it isn't raining. A little mist doesn't cause any problem, but a light drizzle causes them to stop working in delay mode. A steady rain makes them stop working in normal mode and you have to put them into fast mode to keep them working. The truck has so many other problems that I've stopped getting it repaired. I could spend twenty times what it's worth and still not have everything fixed that needs fixing. Eventually it will stop running and I'll have to put it out to pasture. Until then it's my standby for short trips when no other transportation is available. I wouldn't trust it for any trips out of the local area.

On the health front, I visited Dr. Whoosh's office last week. I put a stopwatch on him this time. One minute and four seconds from the time he opened the exam room door and he closed it on his way out. I did visit with his NP for a while and learned that all my blood tests are still looking good. I'm scheduled for another CT scan in about three weeks to see how things are progressing.