Friday, April 10, 2015


I needed something from Wallyworld. Not just one something, several somethings. Well, actually, a lot of somethings. In fact, I needed more somethings than the local store ever stocks. So I ordered the somethings online. Over fifty dollars and delivery is free. I don't have to get out in the rain, drive there and back, carry the somethings out to my car, etc. You get the picture, the somethings just magically appear in a box on my doorstep. Which is nice.

I order the somethings online and, surprise, there's an order limit. You can't order more than a dozen somethings, and I need sixteen. But the problem has an easy solution, just make two orders. Order twelve in the morning and another four in the afternoon. To keep the second order over the fifty dollar limit and get free delivery, I added a couple of other little somethings I use on a regular basis. Common somethings that just about any warehouse would probably stock.

Both orders shipped the next day via the same carrier, Fedup. The big order is coming from a warehouse 467 miles away and is scheduled to be delivered today, two days later. The smaller order shipped from a warehouse only 243 miles away and Fedup estimates it will take a week to get here.

I'm not really complaining...I just don't understand the logistics.

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