Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Well another month has passed without any comments from me...guess it's time to say something else.

I switched to the new version of Blogger and lost all of my customized design stuff here, so I suppose I'll spend a little time soon restoring some of the things that were lost if possible. I put off making the switch for a while after the new version was announced, mainly because I'm a person that resists change. I'm set in my ways, I don't like to move out of my comfort zone. If it ain't busted, don't mess with it. Unfortunately I'm one of the administrators of our church blog, and for that blog to move on to the new version I had to upgrade. So I've been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the new blogger universe.

I'm like that with a lot of things in life. I tend to go with the flow. Don't get excited, just sit back and see what happens next. If pushed, I'll make adjustments, but I don't really like to go out on those limbs. I think the reason for my conservative "don't take chances" approach to life is because I've had too many limbs sawed off behind me. I like to play it safe.

In some ways it's nice to be that way...things tend to be stable. I like stability. Stability is easy to deal with. Change is difficult. Change means I have to work towards making things stable again. Don't rock my boat, I don't like it.

Yet change is inevitable. Nothing remains the same forever. New jobs, new situations, people come and go, eventually everything in life changes in some way. Sometimes it's gradual and we hardly notice it. That's nice. Gradual change is a lot easier to deal with than radical things like changing jobs, sudden illness, etc. I can deal with most things like that, but it's not pleasant. It makes me nervous and upset.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this post, I don't have a scripture quote or some sort of parable to go along with it. No real profound philosophical revelation...just a crotchety old man rambling on about nothing important.

Maybe next time I'll have something more enlightening to say.

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Jennifer said...

I hadn't read this post until just today. Our discussion yesterday at church was about change and how much I like it and how much you don't...haha! It was kinda' funny for me to read this today since we just talked about it.

Thank you for all you do and especially putting up with my constant request for change. ;)