Monday, December 22, 2014

The Good News Continues

Just got back in from a visit with the nurse practitioner (Dr. Whoosh has apparently abandoned me altogether) and reviewed the results of my CT scan last week. The two main masses in my lungs continue to shrink in size. They're now about half the size they were on the previous CT scan and about 75% smaller than they were when first discovered.  I also have some enlarged lymph nodes that don't seem to be responding to treatment, but they're not growing either.  Overall a good report.

The recent adjustments to my medications seem to be helping my blood pressure, it's trending downward to nearly normal. Unfortunately my heart rate is trending upward, so there's a tradeoff there.

My hip pain has decreased quite a bit, I now believe a lot of it was due to the mattress I was sleeping on. A change in sleep habits seems to have helped significantly in that area.

My hair is somewhat thinner now and has gone completely white, even my eyebrows. It's too short this year, but I'm looking forward to maybe playing Santa Claus next year.

I'm starting to notice some trembling in my hands when I try to hold something steady. I was trying to tighten some screws the other night and had a lot of trouble getting the screwdriver bit into the screw slots. I'm not sure it that's part of the cancer treatments or just because I'm getting older.

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