Sunday, January 18, 2015

Grampy Can Fix ANYTHING! (Part 2)

Thursday. The diverter valve stem was due to arrive at the hardware store, so I went down in the afternoon to pick it up. It wasn’t on the shelf so I tracked down the clerk that said he would order it. Yes, it was ordered but the truck just came in about an hour earlier and hadn’t been unloaded yet. Come back on Friday and it’ll be in stock. 

Friday. The part was still not on the shelf. I tracked down the clerk again. Oops! Whoever was in charge of placing orders decided they didn’t need to stock any Spice Fister diverter valves and crossed it off the order list. The clerk said he’d reorder it and make sure it stayed on the list. Monday is a holiday, so come back on Tuesday. I got his name and said I’d call first since it’s a 14 mile drive to the store.

Sunday. It’s now going on about four weeks since I decided the leak needed to be fixed. I have the valve stems for the cold and hot water and most of the tools I think I’ll need (more about that later), I’m just waiting on that one last part. I suppose I could fix just the water valves, but then I’d have to do it all over again when the diverter valve stem comes in. That seems like over complicating the process, so I guess I’ll just have to wait a little while longer.

One thing I’m a bit nervous about when I get started on the actual work is getting the water turned off. The main water valve is in the cellar. Down a flight of rotten steps into a dark, wet, spider infested hole. I’d rather put up with the leak than go down there. From the cellar, the water line comes through a hole in the corner of our kitchen floor, up the wall, across the ceiling, and back down the opposite wall, through that and into the bathroom. It originally went under the kitchen floor, but was re-engineered a few years back because the pipes kept freezing and busting in the winter. The person that installed it thoughtfully put a shut-off valve where it goes into the bathroom…but it’s behind the water heater. Very difficult to reach and you can’t get enough torque on it with just your hand to get the handle to turn. I’m going to have to improvise some sort of tool to reach in there and turn the knob. I’m still trying to work out the exact logistics of that in my head, but I think there’s a simple solution.

Update: I just checked the Deuce Hardware online store. The regular valve stems (that I already have) are listed but the diverter valve isn't. What do you want to bet that they no longer carry it? Crossing my fingers for Tuesday...

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