Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Facing the Cold Hard Facts

My house is heated with propane. Each winter we usually go through about two and a half tank fulls. I've had it filled twice this year and, since we've had a colder than usual winter, I decided I ought to check the tank level on Monday afternoon. was down to about 10%. A quick call to the dealer revealed they were really backed up with orders and didn't know how soon they could get to us. They were also rationing their supply so I couldn't even order a full tank. It's now Wednesday afternoon and we're still waiting on a delivery. I checked the tank again this morning, the needle is now hovering above the "E" and I don't think that stands for "Enough." All the heaters are turned down to their lowest settings to try to preserve what little is left. Time to throw on another blanket.

Thursday morning. Shortly after posting the above, our electricity failed...our backup plan for heating the house. Then the snow started to fall. Six to eight inches were predicted. To our relief, the power returned after about an hour and the snow appeared to have stopped. Opening the door to check on the snow depth, the wife spotted a paper tag hanging on the outside door handle; a receipt from the propane company. At least we wouldn't freeze!

Upon waking this morning we were greeted with what looks like about a foot of freshly fallen snow. More snow than I can recall seeing at one time in many, many years. Beautiful, but it looks like my next doctor's appointment will need to be cancelled. That's at least three, maybe four, cancellations due to winter weather. I can appreciate, to some extent, what the Boston area has been going through.

Thank you, Lord, for the gas, electric, and all the other comforts we enjoy daily.

Updated update
Thursday evening. Less than five minutes after posting the first update our electric went off for about 8 hours. Snow continued throughout the day with a final accumulation of around 2 feet. At least we don't live in Boston...

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