Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Case of the Travelling Bras

Note: This is a guest post written by my wife.

Without giving out too much information let me say I am a difficult person to fit correctly when it comes to bras. So, when I see just the ones I need being advertised in one of those mailers that comes in the post, i immediately go online and order three. That was on June 19.

I admit, I’m rather spoiled when it comes to ordering things online. It is so convenient. Order today, get package delivered in less than five days. Usually. The bras I ordered online have been taking the scenic route. They started out in Los Angeles and then went to Walnut, CA, from there they went to Hespera, CA. Okay, California is covered. Next they show up in Holbrook, AZ. , then Fort Sumner, NM. Well that covers the Southwest pretty well so I track them as they go to Lebo, KS and then Edgerton, KS.  Next, I get a feeling my bras are not in Kansas anymore and sure enough, when I check, they are listed as residing in Earth City, MO.  (Perhaps for a back to nature retreat?)

I can’t wait so see where they go next. Surely they will be able to fit in a few days touring Canada? At any rate, they are scheduled to be delivered to me by June 30th, so they have plenty of time to take the Appalachian Trail if they choose.

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