Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Miracles Do Happen!

I know I promised something funny next, but this can't wait...
Two weeks ago I was on death’s doorstep. As darkness fell I resigned myself to not seeing the next morning. I was experiencing uncontrollable spasms and had much difficulty falling asleep, finally dropping off around 2 a.m.. Imagine my surprise when I awoke to sunlight streaming through my hospital room window! I received a transfusion and nearly 2 liters of fluid was drawn out of my lungs. I was discharged a few days later and met with my oncologist.  His news was that the cancer drugs were not working at all and there was nothing else they could do for me. No need for any further appointments and stop the cancer treatments. They did set me up with an appointment with Dr. Whoosh to find out if there are any clinical trials that I might qualify for, but it’s unlikely. 

I was sent home on palliative home care, which is what comes prior to hospice. One of the things that palliative care nurses do is take blood samples. Prior to my visit to the hospital, my numbers were far from encouraging. I had bad numbers for potassium, calcium, sodium and creatinine to name just a few. Several things pointed to kidney problems. The nurse took a blood sample this morning and sent it to the lab. I got a call a couple of hours later wanting another sample. I asked why and was told that the lab had never seen a worse test, something had to be wrong. The comment was made that it looked like they had drawn the blood from a corpse. The nurse promised to let me know what the results on the second test were. I got a call a few hours ago…everything is within range, nothing abnormal. Since coming home I have been shedding weight like crazy, twelve pounds in six days. I’m still on oxygen and now traveling in a wheelchair, but I’m feeling stronger than I have in several months.

The last cancer treatment I had was well over a month ago. There have been no other changes to my medications. The doctors have given up. It is my firm belief that I have experienced a series of miracles over the last two weeks. An astounding number of people say they’re praying for God to intervene on my behalf. It’s working. Is the cancer gone? I can’t say it is, but there have been no x-rays or scans done since before the cancer doctor essentially told me to go home and die. Sometimes you hear stories about life threatening tumors that suddenly disappear. That would be nice, but regardless I feel God has had a hand in this. I might die tomorrow but that doesn’t change my mind. I have experienced something miraculous. 

To everyone who has been praying for me, thank you. It’s working, keep it up!

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