Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Cat Did It...

I awoke this morning to discover that one of the cats had knocked a nearly full can of green wall paint off a table and onto the kitchen floor sometime during the night. Our dog, a Jack Russell that can't sit still, then tracked it through every room in the house. Spotty green paths on dark brown going in every direction. Not to be outdone, the cat took the mayhem into the vertical dimension and tracked it onto chairs, beds, tables, desks, and whatever else it could find to climb on. We're still assessing the damage, but it looks like a trip to the paint store to get something to cover this mess up with is now on today's agenda.

In health news, my latest round of chemo went well. I've been experiencing a few minor side effects but nothing I can't handle so far. It's mostly some fatigue and excessive itching on my back, shoulders and knees. My next treatment is in about 10 days or so. The latest CT scan showed no growth in my cancer since the last one.

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