Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Two Down, Two to Go

I thanked everyone after Wednesday evening Bible study for their prayers regarding my success in finding a job this evening. Soon after arriving home I received a call from my oldest son to let me know that he's being hired to teach Social Studies full time. Praise the Lord! Keep on praying folks, My younger son and my wife still need jobs, but the prayers are working. Thank you all for your love and concern, it's a blessing to know we have such good friends in the church.


Zoe's Mom said...

I don't suppose that Andy's job is at Northwest schools? Amy mentioned that he applied for a job there and was hoping to get to move up here closer to me so we could hang out more. I sure hope it is up here!


Stephanie said...

yeah, yeah, is it up here? Amy told me the same thing....well, I'm waiting....huh, they comin' or not?.......that would be so wonderful to have them up here, so close.;)

Al said...

No, the new job is in Jenkins, KY which is where Amy went to school. It will be closer to Amy's mom but a bit farther away from us. They're currently trying to find somewhere to live in the Whitesburg area which is about halfway between Andy's job and Amy's.