Friday, May 26, 2006

Grampy Gets A New Job

I just found out yesterday that I got the job I've been talking about here for the last couple of months!

Starting June 12, I will be working as a computer repair instructor at the local vocational school in the adult education program. It's part time and a cut in pay with no health benefits, but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. We can transfer my health benefits over to my wife's provider. If I can find some freelance computer repair work in the evenings to supplement our income, we should be able to squeak by for another year. I'm taking this as an opportunity to learn some new skills and get some certifications that I've needed for a while. One nice thing, although I'm done with my duties on June 9, my contract runs through the end of I'll be getting double paychecks for a little while.

Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers, I'm sure they are what made the difference.


Zoe's Mom said...

I already sent you an email response saying YEA!, but I wanted to put the same thing on your blog too. This definately deserves it twice!

It's all God and not our prayers to Him. He just allowed us to think we were helping Him in the job process for you. This whole job situation was "in the bag" as far a God is concerned.

I'm so happy! or can't you tell?....hahaha!


Mary L. said...

That's great to hear Al!! I'm very happy for you!

aaronkallner said...


Hope things work out well. We will continue to pray.


irmalee said...

Best of Luck in your new job. Happy that this worked out good for you.

God Bless