Thursday, May 18, 2006

Quick Update

Well, I got the chance to interview for the job I've been talking about this morning. I thought it went fairly well, although there were a couple of questions that I sort of fumbled the ball on. A couple of those "off-the-wall" questions that always catch you off guard. "Recall an incident where you weren't able to fix a problem and how you dealt with it." What kind of question is that? I couldn't recall anything recently that I couldn't handle...drew a complete blank. I dunno, maybe that was good.

Anyway, I must have impressed at least one of the interviewers (there were four), because they called me later to schedule a second interview on Monday.

Keep praying folks, it seems to be working.


aaronkallner said...

Sounds promising. We will keep praying.

Mary L. said...

That's great Al. I will be praying for you.

Zoe's Mom said...

Oh, I'm just so excited!


Zoe's Mom said...

Any news about a job yet?! I'm getting anxious.