Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Major Prize

As some of you know, one of my hobbies is participating in Photoshop contests. Actually, I use Paintshop Pro, but it's essentially the same thing. Most of the contests I enter don't offer prizes except bragging rights if you happen to win. I tend to do well in those, I've been ranked among the All-Time Top 5 Photoshoppers on for several years now.

Steve Jackson Games recently announced a contest requesting entrants to Photoshop one of their company mascots with a major celebrity. Since my wife is a big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, I put their female mascot "Flower" on his arm and submitted it to the contest. Maybe fifteen minutes worth of work, but I thought I did a fairly decent job even though it was mostly cut & paste stuff. I promptly forgot all about the contest and moved on to other more important things.

A couple of weeks later I was surprised to receive an e-mail notifying that I had won the contest and please send them my mailing address so they could send me my prize. Woot! I sent them my address and forgot all about it again.

I was surprised once again this afternoon when I received a small box in my mail. Opening it up, I found a letter and a butt-load of packing peanuts. The letter again congratulated me on winning the contest and hinted that somewhere amongst those styrofoam curls was my prize.  Carefully dumping the box over the trash can, I discovered two small cards. One was a bonus card for one of their games (similar to Community Chest or Chance in Monopoly). Okay...well the only card game I play on a regular basis is rummy, so that's not much of a prize to me. The other card was labeled "Imaginary Friend" and had a plastic blister glued to the front of it...which was completely empty. Get it? Imaginary Friend? Invisible? Not really there? Oh, and the card was actually PERSONALLY SIGNED by somebody at the company. Well, it was more like a scribble...but the letter assures me that it's a signature.

Wow, I'm so honored to have won such valuable prizes! Thanks Steve Jackson Games of Austin, Texas! You really went all out on that contest!

My Photoshop

My Prizes

Update: My daughter informs me that these things are actually worth something and that I could probably unload them on eBay. There's a sucker born every minute.

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