Monday, July 14, 2014

Maybe You Had To Be There

I had a followup appointment with the urologist that first spotted my kidney cancer today. Nothing much in the way of new information to report. Give us your co-pay. Pee in the cup. How are you feeling? See you in three months.

As I was leaving the building, two little old ladies and a gentleman in a wheelchair came out of the elevator. All three had to be approaching ninety, thin and frail, skin like paper, hair as white as snow. The building entrance is right in front of the elevator and one of the ladies pushed the fellow in the wheelchair into the airlock ahead of me. For some reason she stopped suddenly and inertia kept the old gent kept moving forward, sliding out of the chair onto the floor of the airlock. It was kind of a slow-motion thing, he was trying to stay in the chair but didn't have the strength to resist the pull of gravity. It took probably ten or fifteen seconds before he ended up sitting on his butt in the middle of the entrance.

The building employs a young college-age woman to open the door and assist folks getting in and out of vehicles at the curb. She tried to help the ladies get old fellow back into the chair, but it wasn't going to happen. It didn't help that she was talking to a friend on her cell phone at the same time. She finally ran into one of the doctor's offices and found a pair of EMT's, who came out and got him back in his seat. They fastened the seat belt to keep him from sliding out again while one of the old ladies went to get their car.

It was amusing to me, but maybe you just had to be there to appreciate the humor.

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