Thursday, August 28, 2014

If I Only Had a Brain

I just got back from my doctor's visit a couple of hours ago and the verdict is: Yes, I do have a brain. Other good news included that I do not have any detectable cancer in my brain and that the two largest tumors in my lungs have shrunk. The big one by about 35 cm³. and the next biggest one by 0.6 cm³. A couple of other small ones increased in size, but the overall total was a shrinkage of 33.1 cm³.  No significant changes to anything else. The doctor said to not expect this kind of progress as a regular thing, but it is very encouraging nonetheless. 
As a side note, the report gives tumor size in a 2 dimensional format, width by height. Since these things are 3 dimensional, I estimated their size by calculating the volume of a cylinder assuming one of the values was the diameter. Probably a bit inaccurate, but close enough for me.

I was also scheduled for a blood test. They did NOT tell me they also needed a urine sample. After a trip lasting 2.5 hours and being on a diuretic, I naturally hit the boys room as soon as I arrived. I consumed about 2 liters of water while there and was able to produce the required specimen before leaving. I'll try to hold it on my next visit.

Side effect-wise, I've started experiencing persistent mild headaches. No excruciating migraines, just enough to realize my head hurts if I pay attention. Also my tongue is sore all the time. Hot things are hotter, spicy things are spicier, cold things are much colder, and carbonated beverages feel like I'm drinking liquid fire. No hair loss or nausea yet. My wife also reports that my body odor has changed. Not offensive, just different.

While there I picked up a CD of all the MRI and CT scans they've done lately. I'm planning to look at them tomorrow morning. 

Next doctor's visit in 3 weeks with regular visits every 2 or 3 weeks for the next 2 months.

Finally, I've lost count of the number of people that have told me they liked my "Sin Cancer" post. Thanks to all of you, it's very encouraging.

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