Friday, August 15, 2014

Thank You!

I received donations to go towards my medical expenses from two very generous sources this week. I want to say thank you to those involved, both donations were from groups of people I associate with. One was from several folks in an online forum, the other group is composed of many IRL friends. There is no way I can express the magnitude of my appreciation. Please know that the money will be well spent.

I broke a crown off of one of my molars last week and went to the dentist yesterday to have it repaired. No such luck, it's beyond repair and I'll need to go to an oral surgeon to get the remains extracted. Bummer.

No other major developments to speak of. I bump up the dosage on my cancer medication tomorrow morning to full strength and (knock, knock) no major side effects so far. No stray follicles in the hair brush yet. I did have a couple of low level headaches, not sure if that was due to the medication or not. I also had to stop the stool softener I had been taking....

Nothing else happening until next Thursday when I get more CT and MRI scans to establish a benchmark on the cancer's growth or lack thereof.

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