Monday, November 10, 2014

Some Good News

I received some good news this week for a change. I applied for disability benefits from Social Security a couple of months ago. They told me it would be four to six months for a decision to be made, but apparently the wheels of bureaucracy are turning a little faster at the moment. I've been approved for benefits plus I'm also qualified for medicare A & B.  I contacted my health insurance provider and found that my premiums will be dropping a significant amount as well.

The kitten we rescued from the wall I mentioned in my last post may be re-christened. It roams all over the house, so we are often wondering where it is. I'm of the opinion we need to rename it Waldo, as in "Where's Waldo?" The wife is leaning towards calling it Wall-ette, since it's a female.

We are in the middle of a minor upgrade in our kitchen, getting ready for Thanksgiving. The ceiling has been repainted and we're in the middle of hanging new wallpaper. Once that's done the floor gets a new coat of paint. The wife can't stand the house being in a the stress level has been a bit high for the last few days. I'll be glad when it's finished. The entire family will be in for the holiday, we're expecting around 14 to 15 people around the table.

Not a whole lot of anything else going on at the moment. I have an appointment with the out-of-town oncologist on Thursday, just a checkup but I'm expecting him to schedule a new CT scan or MRI to check on my progress. Fingers crossed and prayers being said for good results.

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Jason Hayes said...

That is indeed good news! Getting their disability benefits could be frustrating for some, especially if their application somehow got rejected multiple times. You're fortunate that everything proceeded nicely on your end. This just means there's something more to be thankful about this upcoming holidays. Take care!

Jason Hayes @ DECO Recovery Management