Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Problem

Glock Nerds service department closed early on Monday due to the heaviest snow we've had in several years, so they didn't finish my car repairs until Tuesday morning. An additional day's rental fee goes to Innerpride, and I forgot to take my grandson's car seat out of the back. I'll have to go back down to pick it up on Thursday since I'll be heading out of town for another doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Also, Glock Nerds charged me for a new wiper motor and the wipers still don't work correctly. Before they "fixed" them, they worked correctly as long as they were turned on, but when turned off they stuck straight up instead of folding down. Now they work correctly when turned on full speed and fold down when turned off...but if you put them on time delay they pause in the middle of the windshield, right at eye level. I have a new appointment next Monday to fix them again, they promised to get me in and out the same day. We'll see about that.

As I said, I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow. I've been hearing rumors of more snow on the way, so I may have to cancel it. Crossing my fingers that it won't be bad, but it's just a routine check, so there's no urgent reason to keep the appointment if driving conditions are less than optimum. I'm still feeling good, no new side effects to report and my blood pressure and pulse have been pretty stable. I did experience a slight dizzy spell about a week ago, but I believe it was due to low glucose levels. A small can of fruit juice seemed to fix the problem. The wound on my chest from the infected gland is still healing slowly, mostly due to my diabetes and maybe the blood thinners I'm on. I'm guessing another month or two before it's healed.

My wife has been suffering from a major sinus cold for several days and has gone into hibernation. I'm surprised that I haven't caught it yet. I've had a runny nose for almost a week, but otherwise I'm feeling fine. Makes me wonder if maybe the cancer medication I'm on might be part of the reason.

Update - Saturday Morning: After they fixed the wheel bearings, etc., they of course had to realign the wheels. I'm now feeling a noticeable shimmy when driving over 45 mph. I called Glock Nerds yesterday and had them add "check wheel alignment" to my Monday visit. I'm now hoping they can still get me in and out the same day. I certainly don't want to visit Innerpride for another rental. Being without reliable transportation is a major inconvenience.

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