Sunday, July 05, 2015

Major Upgrade

I've been holding off upgrading to a smart phone for quite a while. While I absolutely hated the mobile I had been using, I was to cheap to pitch it and take the next step. The main reason I didn't like the old phone was that it only took one button press from the main menu to pull up the Internet browser. I can't begin to count the number of times I butt-dialed the world wide web and wasted precious minutes. I tried locking the keyboard, but that was such a hassle when I wanted to place a call. Another reason was that the keyboard was so tiny. Even though I have relatively small fingers it was still hard to dial. I never did learn to text on it...and forget scanning a QR code with it. Applications? Forget that too. I think I downloaded two games for it, both of them were pretty crappy and playing them with the tiny keyboard was a struggle.

The decision to upgrade was forced upon me. I recently noticed the old phone was missing. I looked all over the house in the usual places and cleaned out the floorboard of the car, hoping it would turn up, all to no avail. Finally we decided to cook some steaks outside on the grill a few days ago. There, laying on the grill in a puddle of rainwater was my phone. It had been there for about a week, a week that it's rained just about every day.

I didn't even bother trying to turn it on. I got online and ordered a new smart phone on Friday.  It's supposed to be coming FedEx 3 Day Express, but with the holiday weekend I suspect I won't be getting it until about Wednesday or Thursday.

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