Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Has it really been a week since my last post here? Wow, how time flies. I've posted a few new things on my other blog this week, but that doesn't require a lot of thinking. All I have to do is find a funny or unusual news story, locate some clipart to go with it and post the link. Here I've got to do some thinking...and I think my brain is still suffering from paradigm strain.

Nothing much new to say about things in general. Everything is about the same ol' same ol' around here. I wonder if it was like that for Jesus? I mean, when we read about Him in the Bible, He's always running around preaching, telling stories, praying, healing folks, attending a banquet or stuff like that. I don't recall a mention of any significant amount of "downtime" for the Savior in the gospels. Of course things like that don't make for a good do you suppose the gospel writers just sort of edited those parts out? I'd like to think that He had time to relax once in a while. Maybe watch the chariot races, read a good scroll, or perhaps play a game of chess or something. Wait...forget the chess. He'd beat you every time. After all, He is a Grand Master. :)

I've had several visitors leave comments, I want to thank you all for that. The comments are appreciated and help let me know that my opinions are actually being read and the visitor counter isn't just racking up hits from people just passing thru.

Well, that's it for today, I'll try to post a little more often if I can squeeze something significant out of this ol' brain of mine.


Thiago Forrest Gump said...


Al said...

Sorry, I don't speak Portugese but I believe that translates roughly as "to express" or "expression." I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to say.

aaronkallner said...

Thanks for posting, I was starting to give up checking in on you.
Have a good day.

I was going to put you in the Tim Gampp category.

jamie riley said...

Al -- I appreciate your thoughts, thanks for posting again.

Zoe's Mom said...

I check your blog everyday that I am around a computer. I am enjoying watching what comes from your brain exercises in the Godly realm. ;)