Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Brain Strain

This "blogging" thing is fun, but it can be a hassle as well. I have time to work on it, but having the time and taking the time are two different things.

There was a new post on the church blog a couple of days ago about new paradigms, postmodernism and such things...some heavy stuff. Things that strain my feeble old brain to think about. I'm comfortable with my "religion" and tend to resist change. I don't want to think about new paradigms, I'm happy with the old one.

I guess that's sort of what it must have been like back in Jesus' day. The Saducees and Pharisees were happy with the status quo. They didn't like Jesus rocking their boat. They were comfortable where they were.

Change is inevitable. For the church to appeal to new generations, I realize that some things need to change...just don't change them too fast or change them just to be changing. Have a good reason for the change and make sure it's not going against the scriptures. I might be able to accept it...or at least tolerate it.


Jason Coriell said...

Good post, Al. I'm glad you're not letting the big words get you down. Big words are just fancy ways of saying little things. I do appreciate your input.

Zoe's Mom said...


Taylor said...

Thanks for the post also Al.

I'm one that needs to be told to slow down (my dad was always on me about going too fast, especially regarding changes).

I appreciate your comments to slow down, don't just change for change sake and stay with God's word. Good advice!

I do hope that for everyone, including myself, change will ALWAYS be a part of my walk with Jesus. "Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord" to me will be a lifelong process. He wants us to change...spiritually.

I witnessed my dad making changes in his preaching and teaching over the years. Issues that he was very dogmatic about early in his ministry drifted out of the picture...wasn't important.

I saw his concern for reaching the lost become almost an obsession to him. God used him to reach many people.

aaronkallner said...

Nice post. Change can be difficult to deal with, no matter what context it is in. But as long as Jesus is in the forefront of the change, then I as well can accept it.

KristieSue said...

Change can be so good. Like me, I love to change the color of my hair :p It just makes me feel good. Change can be good for any church but I wonder if we're all changing to entertain or save the lost? I know God never changes he's the same today as he was a thousand years ago. But there's nothing really wrong with changing the way we teach and worship as long as the focus is still on giving Glory to God. Just a thought of mine. :o)

KristieSue said...

BTW... what's with the 2.5 cats? I just had to ask :p