Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainy Wednesday

Looks there's like a long rainy day ahead of me today. At least that's what the weatherman on TV said and he's rarely too far off the mark.

I'm getting ready to go pay my last respects to a friend from church who passed away over the weekend. Funerals in the rain can elicit some really depressing thoughts. I don't think I want to go that direction today though.

I got my paperwork sent in to ODJFS yesterday afternoon and checked with the IRS this morning, my refund won't be in for about another two weeks for some reason. I thought this e-filing thing was supposed to be a lot quicker than that. I haven't gotten any important e-mails this morning, so unless I get something later on I'm planning to start updating my resume this afternoon.

Working on my resume is always an exercise for my brain. Wording and rewording and shifting paragraphs here and there to make it look as professional and complimentary to myself as possible.  Telling the truth while trying to give the impression that I'm younger than I really am and not a grumpy old coot who could kick the bucket before they get him trained for the job.

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