Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mind Numbing Boredom

Sitting around the house waiting, can't concentrate on anything productive. I tried reading a book by one of my favorite authors but can't plow through more than a chapter or two. I'm reduced to playing mindless video games and taking long naps.

At least tomorrow I have a couple excuses to get out of the house. I need to drive my brother-in-law and my wife to their respective doctor's appointments. Just routine check-ups, nothing serious.

As for me, I'm feeling somewhat better. The doctor at urgent care diagnosed my ailment as sinusitis and prescribed a course of antihistamine and antibiotics.  Still have a lot of drainage and have been sneezing some, but I'm feeling about halfway normal now.

You'd figure that with this thing I'm going through I might have some deep, inspirational, thought-provoking things to say. Nope. Not yet, anyway. I'm just zoned out right now. As the post title indicates, my mind is numb.

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