Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It could be worse

The visit to the specialist went okay I suppose. There is a small chance that the two masses might be non-cancerous, but the likelihood of at least one of them being malignant is pretty high. They can't tell anything except the masses are there from the CT and MRI scans.

The kidney mass is external to the kidney, attached to it by a little stem. It should be easy to remove. Depending on if it's cancerous or not will determine whether part or all of the kidney comes out also.

The doctor appeared to be more concerned about the mass in my lung. It is only partially visible on the scans, so they don't know how big it actually is. A more comprehensive CT scan and a full body bone scan is now on tap for 4 weeks from now, along with a visit with a anesthesiologist.

Yeah, I said 4 weeks. More waiting and worrying. I was really exasperated that I'd have to wait that long until I saw a story online about a guy with stage 4 renal cancer that the VA won't even start talking to for 6 months. So I suppose it could be worse.

Also in the news, my wife suffered a perforated ulcer last year, a complication from her bariatric surgery.  She's scheduled for some sort of "scope" exam in two weeks to to see how it's healing. A possibility of surgery looming on the horizon there that might conflict with my kidney appointments. I guess we'll just have to deal with any conflicts as they pop up.

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