Thursday, June 26, 2014

Another Screw Up

It's been week since I left the hospital and I haven't heard about the pathology results on my tumor. I figured the doctor's office probably wouldn't tell me the results over the phone, but it couldn't hurt to try so I gave them a call this afternoon. The girl on the phone confirmed that I'd have to wait until I saw the doctor for followup and then there was a long pause. My followup appointment for July 10th had been cancelled for some reason, she'd have to call me back.

A half hour later, she called back and said the nurse that dismissed me from the hospital told them I didn't want to come back to town for the appointment so she cancelled it. What?!?! I said no such thing!

After a bit of back and forth questioning, it turned out that there was a big misunderstanding. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had a bashful bladder and was unable to urinate immediately after they removed the catheter following the operation. They reinserted the catheter and told me to come back in three weeks to have it removed. THREE WEEKS!?! I didn't tell her I didn't want to followup with the surgeon, I just didn't want to wait that long to have a completely unnecessary catheter removed!  I had them make arrangements to have it removed by my local urologist in five days instead of twenty-one...still four days longer than I felt was necessary. But the understanding of the hospital nurse was that I didn't want to come back at all...hence the appointment cancellation.

So I rescheduled a followup today and guess what? It's a week earlier than originally scheduled! Instead of the 10th, I'm now scheduled for the 3rd. So what started out as a screw up ended up being to my now I'm torn between being angry and happy.

I think I'll stay angry for a little while...

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