Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One More Scar

I'm feeling much better now that I've been freed from the ball and chain of the catheter bag. Still just a little sore and finding it hard to get comfortable when sleeping, but things are improving daily.

The headline on this post is a bit deceptive. Not just one new scar, four new ones actually. As I think I mentioned in previous posts, my surgery was laparoscopic, so there are three small scars about an inch or less in size and one about 12 inches long. That one would have been smaller, but they had to enlarge the incision to remove the entire tumor. All of the incisions were sealed shut with super glue, much neater than the one left over from my appendectomy. They all seem to be healing well, the glue came off of one of them and I've been having to put gauze dressings on it daily, but it seems to be doing fine. Very little drainage.

I'm supposed to be able to drive starting next week. I feel well enough to do it right now but probably won't be trying until the need arises.

I still haven't heard if the tumor was malignant, but from how the doctor described it to my wife, I can't imagine it not being so. I've scheduled have a biopsy done on the tumor on my lung this coming Tuesday. It sounds a bit more involved than I expected. I've been told it will take around 6 hours and I'll be put under light sedation while they do it.

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