Tuesday, June 17, 2014


My kidney cancer surgery is tomorrow. I should be busy getting ready, but not yet. I'm taking the morning and chillin' out. I cleared out my recent e-mails this morning, posted a bunch of funny stuff on Twitter, and looked over recent comments from my Facebook friends. I'm trying not to worry too much. I think I'll play some video games after I finish posting this. Not a lot to do anyway. I hear they give you a nice robe to wear in the hospital, so I don't need to pack much in the way of clothing. I probably won't feel like reading, but I'm taking a book along anyway. I'm also charging up the Kindle, but doubt that I use that either. They gave me lots of pre-op instructions to follow. What medications to take, which ones not to take. I need to keep my blood glucose between 100 and 200 today. Packing my bi-pap and mask will have to wait until tomorrow morning. There are special shower instructions so I'm nice and antiseptic when I get there. Of course, NPO after midnight and make sure I bring the special "red envelope" they gave me.

The lung cancer surgeon was supposed to contact me after the CT scan was done. That was a week ago Monday. When I talked to him earlier, he indicated he might want to do a biopsy of the mass on my lung. The kidney cancer surgeon said the same thing, so I was figuring a biopsy was pretty much a sure thing. Since I'm going to be in the hospital tomorrow anyway, I thought it would be expedient for them to go ahead and do the biopsy while I was there. It would save me a 400 mile round trip and about $50 in gas also, not to mention another day wasted. I waited until seven days before this kidney surgery with no contact from the lung guy, so I called his office to suggest this idea. I got an answering service that promised to give my message to the doctor. Monday I called again. My message had not been received. Yes, they do want to do a biopsy, but scheduling one that soon might be difficult to fit in since it had to be done through the radiology people. They would see if it might be possible. Once the biopsy is done, it will be at least seven days before they get results back. What would you like to bet that I'll be making another trip for the biopsy?

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