Sunday, June 01, 2014

Samoas to the Rescue!

I don’t remember how long it’s been since the Girl Scouts were selling cookies, but it’s been a while. We were approached after morning church services today and advised that there were still a couple of boxes of unclaimed cookies that my daughter-in-law had ordered way back when. No problem, we made arrangements to pick them up at evening services. I thought to myself “I hope they’re not Samoas. I hate Samoas.”

Just before leaving for the evening service, I checked my glucose level and noted that it was unusually high…so I gave myself a shot of insulin, a bit higher than my usual dose.

We arrived at church and got the cookies, Samoas, of course. Following the worship service, we had a special showing of a movie that was based on a book that had been written by one of our church members so we stayed later than usual. About fifteen minutes into the movie I started sweating and feeling light-headed, a sure sign that my glucose level is going low. I had apparently given myself too much insulin. So…about 10 stale Samoas later, I started feeling somewhat better. I’m not sure how low it went, but two hours later when I got home it was only 101 which is base-line normal. After that many cookies, it would usually be way over 200. I’m guessing it was probably down into the low 50’s.

Normally I would not have had something handy with enough carbs to bring my glucose level back up so quickly. Some folks might say “coincidence,” but I don’t look at it like that. God knew I would need something and made provisions for it to be there when I needed it. 

But why Samoas, God? Ick!

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Amy Graff said...

Oh my gosh I forgot about them. I'm sorry though...I love Samoas lol